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Top 10 Awesome Live Wallpapers for Android – Don’t miss them

One thing that fascinated me the most after buying an android phone was the collection of live wallpapers. It enchants you, excites you and gives you a great feeling when you see your phone. Here I have gathered some really cool and best  live wallpapers for Android that you must download on your Smart phone. For more recommendations, feel free to drop in comments.

Let’s have a look at this collection.

1. Snowflakes Live Wallpaper

With winters just around the corner now, how about snowflakes dancing beautifully on your phone. This is a fully customizable version of Snowflakes Live Wallpaper featuring hundreds of high definition snowflakes.Customize with millions of possible combinations – change the speed, colors, background pattern, direction, much more! Check out the video below.

2. Original Flurry Live Wallpaper

Original Flurry is one of my personal favorite where it comes out like flurry and smoky effect. It’s a Gorgeous mac osx style flurry live wallpaper natively rendered on your phone. You can use your custom settings to give it a super cool effect. Don’t forget to share it here. Enjoy!

3. Nicky Bubbles Lite Live Wallpaper

Give life to your phone with the Nicky Bubbles Live Wallpaper and its colorful soap bubbles.
Tap on the screen to pop them. You can set the bubbles number. Choose as background one of our two available skylines: sunrise and night.

4. Super Mario Android Live Wallpaper

This might just qualify as the most wonderful thing I’ve seen all day: A customizable Super Mario live wallpaper for Android devices. It works on Android 2.1 (and up) and looks crazy fun. Check out the video and you’ll see.

5. Android Live Wallpaper : Polka Dots Flow!

Polka Dots Flow is an elegant, beautiful Android live wallpaper
This live wallpaper is extremely customizable and will bring a flashy, colorful background to your Android device. Some of the options include various colors, shapes, flow directions, clock displays, etc. Tapping the screen will cause an explosion of dots (or other shapes you have chosen). Play around with the different settings and find what you like best!

6. Aquarium Live Wallpaper – Android App
Beautiful fish and plants dress up your desktop. Double-tap to feed them, tap to get their attention!
If you enjoy this, please buy Aquarium Donation, it has a settings menu! Selectable fish, plants, tank toys, and more!

7. Friendly Bugs Live Wallpaper
Ladybugs and butterflies explore your home screen, with animated shadows from the plants overhead! Double-tap for ladybug dance!

8. PanoPlanet Live Wallpaper
In this cool live wallpaper you can put any 360° panorama from your sd card and get a nice wallpaper with some great features.
Rotation modes :
– touch
– desktop slide
– sensors

9. Beautiful Live Weather Live Wallpaper

Beautiful Live Weather is a Live Wallpaper for your Android phone! Display a sunny weather, but combined with Beautiful Widgets (from the market), you will be able to watch the real weather conditions, rain, snow, storms, etc!

10. PhysX Pro Live Wallpaper

PhysX Pro is a live wallpaper simulating particles with many options:
* Accelerometer and compass;
* Different kind of colors;
* Custom colors;
* Custom attraction;
* physics properties;
* sparkling particles;
* Actions on touch;
* Can stop animation on sliding to improve fluidity;

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