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2:31 pm - Saturday December 20, 2014

Discover Top 10 best free apps for Nokia N8


nokia n8 top best apps Discover Top 10 best free apps for Nokia N8As we all know that the new awesome phone from Nokia, Nokia N8 is becoming the next talk of the town everywhere. The features such as its build quality, brilliant Symbian ^3 OS performance, strong multimedia support, easier to use menus have people drooling over this phone. It’s been said that the app experience on Nokia N8 is even better than what iPhone and Android OS has to offer. So as you discover your phone further, here are some essential top, best and free apps to get you started on your brand new shiny Nokia N8. Simply search and download the apps from Nokia Ovi Store and start making them a part of your daily life.

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1. Foursquare (social network)

Foursquare being the most popular social network now has admitted that it is hitting 200 million total check in. Foursquare on your phone gives you and your friend new ways of exploring your city. Try it on Nokia N8 and find your friends and their recent activities. Access Foursquare directly from Nokia Ovi store and have fun connecting with your friends.

Download Foursquare for free

2. Vopium (VoIP)

The first VoIP application for Nokia N8 that makes you save upto 90% on international calls and SMS. Vopium on Nokia N8 offers free calls over wifi and other mobile data networks. The advanced in built phone function detects lowest rate options for calls and text messages. Vopium is offering 15 min free calls worldwide, giving users a great opportunity to try Vopium right away on their new handset. To get started, users simply need to log onto www.vopium.com and enter their mobile number, or simply go to get.vopium.com on their N8 mobile browser. It is also available on Nokia Ovi Store.

Download vopium for Free

3. Opera mobile 10 (utility)

This new look of Opera Mobile 10 introduces the Speed Dial, tabbed browsing and the always convenient password manager. Opera Mobile 10 is optimized for both touch-screen and keypad-style navigation. This version is twice as fast as the previous Opera Mobile released for Symbian/S60, and you will discover significant speed improvement when downloading pages, zooming and panning. Opera Turbo is also integrated, saving both time and money with its server-side compression technology.

Download Opera Mobile for Free

4. Slide Unlock (utility)

Slide to unlock your phone and customize your homescreen in your own way! In V5.1, you can download plenty of high quality wallpapers to set as background within the app. See everything you need at first glance: easy-to-read time display, indicators of your phone status. Then, unlock your phone with one smooth slide on the screen (without using the side slider key). Background image, font color… Completely configurable!

Download Slide Unlock for Free

5. Fring for free video calls (Social network)
fring gives you FREE video calls, voice calls and live chat to your fring buddies and to other friends on popular social networks: Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Twitter & SIP! Also, use fringOut to make low cost calls to any landline or mobile worldwide (from 1c a minute). *Free video calls *Free voice calls *Free live chat *Low-cost international calls Download FREE now!

Download Fring now

6. Sports Tracker (utility)
Train better with the award-winning Sports Tracker app. Your phone becomes a full-featured GPS sports computer, keeping track of everything from calories burned while running to your average cycling speed over altitude. You get maps, time and distance calculators, step count, and even heart rate when you use a compatible HR belt. All data is stored in a diary so you can chart your progress, find your strengths and weaknesses, and share with others. Millions of downloads worldwide —join the team.

Download Sports Tracker for Free

7. Ovi Maps (city guides and maps)
Get FREE Drive and Walk navigation with voice guidance. Also includes free local weather, events nearby, and travel guides from Lonely Planet and Michelin. Also supports offline maps which you can use anywhere any time without internet or GPRS connectivity. Operator data charges may apply. For more information check nokia.com/maps

Download Ovi Maps for Free

8. Dictionary & Translation Pro (reference)
Dictionary & Translation Pro offers easy one-touch access to an extensive online English dictionary, thesaurus, and translation service supporting a wide set of languages including Hindi, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and many more. The online dictionary features near to million words and is constantly updated by a community of language professionals. With Dictionary and Translation Pro you will never be lost for words.

Download Dictionary & Translation Pro for Free

9. Snaptu (social networks)
Snaptu is a fast stylish all-in-one app that includes your mobile essentials in one place: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, News, Weather, Sports (Cricket, Soccer…) Movies, Sudoku and much more… Instead of cramming your phone with lots of individual apps that eat battery, waste space and slow things down, guess what? You can have Snaptu, a single efficient and incredibly powerful app that keeps your phone running full speed ahead. Prepare to be amazed, download Snaptu now, for free!

Download Snaptu for Free

10 Currencies Touch  ( Business productivity App )

You can use this great free app to track spending habits, track your currency and convert between currencies. This is a must have app for international travelers who are always counting and converting their money , this will make their life heaven.

Download Currencies Touch for free

Unfotunately ebuddy free Messenger is not supported on Nokia N8, so i would suggest that vopium, nimbuzz or fring to be used instead. Download them for free at OVI Store.

If you have any recommendations for other apps, you are welcome to drop them in comments.

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  • Vinod_joshidivi

    I want to know whether office suite =word,excel,power point etc and hindi language support can be downloaded or installed in Nokia n 8

  • http://www.biggtech.com Muzzammil

    II think quick office suite is able to do all office file editing. I’ve used it in the past on my Nokia phone, but I’m not sure about Nokia n8

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  • Arber

    I just got a N8 and i want to download some free apps for it but i am sh**t at it so i just wondering is there anyone who knows any websites where i can download some?

  • http://www.biggtech.com Muzzammil

    It’s really simple, the above applications which we have mentioned are available in Ovi store. you can access ovi store by going to http://store.ovi.com/ then you will have to search for the apps. As a quick help I will put the ovi store links of above apps in the post so that it can direct you at the exact download page. Hope this helps.

  • http://www.biggtech.com Muzzammil

    It’s really simple, the above applications which we have mentioned are available in Ovi store. you can access ovi store by going to http://store.ovi.com/ then you will have to search for the apps. As a quick help I will put the ovi store links of above apps in the post so that it can direct you at the exact download page. Hope this helps.

  • Docmyla

    the phone hangs every time i open the ovi application and also if i try to upload the ovi update – any help?

  • Niks133
  • Jamanrose

    is it possible to use google talk by nokia n8?

  • http://www.biggtech.com Muzzammil

    there is no official Google Talk app for symbian^3, however, you can use apps like Fring, Nimbuzz or Vopium which provide connectivity with Google Talk, skype, msn messenger and other voice enabled services for free… Search for these apps in ovi store and download.

  • danny

    Hey thax for such a nice list. I am using nokia n8 since long time and always interested to talk about new and amazing apps. I would love to add one more app its “BudgIT”.

    BudgIT, a simple and user friendly application takes care of the more complex tasks of tracking all your expenses and incomes, making your financial life simpler.

    looking for some more apps. Thax for nice post.

  • Nickcaruso

    just got an n8 nokia it won’t let me down load at pokerstars why won’t it let me play on there

  • http://www.imraan.in Imraan

    is there any beepless call recorder for nokia n8 (ANNA) ?