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Crysis 2 Nanosuit: Tips & Tricks

The star game Crysis 2 Nanosuit is finally here and we have revealed new tips, tricks and secret functions of the Nano Suit for you. Besides the strong graphic the capabilities of the suit make the player the true fighting machine – if you use them correctly.

While playing game those who have always wanted to feel like a super hero, is in the right place. But only those who know how to include the capabilities of the suit obtained optimally, really get out the maximum power – for the four main modes “Strength”, “Speed”, “Armor” and “Cloak” are just the beginning. With our following tips and tricks for Nanosuit the struggle for survival in New York is a journey.These Crysis 2 Nanosuit cheats will help not only in the single player part but also in multiplayer.

Crysis 2 Nanosuit: Tips & Trickes

Tip 1 – Visor: Take advantage of the Visor regularly Nanosuits to mark opponents, items, and strategic points. The markers remain intact even if you turn the Visor again, and for example, reveal the positions of enemies.

Tip2-Cloak: Go tactical approach and disguise yourself often – both in single player and multiplayer mode. If you are camouflaged to sneak up on an opponent, you can turn it with one touch. Move slowly when you’re in stealth mode, which saves energy. Another tip, and perhaps more importantly: If you shoot an enemy in stealth mode, is used up suddenly, the entire suit energy. So you leave the stealth before you shoot, and hide yourself immediately afterwards

Tip 3 – Nano-Vision: In dark sections take help from thermal vision on the Nanosuit. Well camouflaged enemies are visible in this mode because of their body heat.

Tip 4 – Kick: A short press allows you to run a quick kick. Hold down the button longer, the action is slowed down, which caused damage but increases.

Tip 5 – Armor: The tank mode not only protects against bullets, but also reduces the damage to deep falls.

Tip 6 – throw packing opponents: If you grab an opponent and hurl, which leads to the instant-kill. The longer you hold down the throw button, the stronger and will continue the throw.

Tip 7 – Air passage: The air passage in the jump is relatively useless, as it consumes in one fell swoop the entire suit energy. But the radius is too small, the damage effect is inadequate. Avoid good in that.

Mute Function:

Mute Function 1 – weapon stabilize: If you are in armor mode and look through the scope your rifle, holding down the sprint button. According to the developers to contract by the muscles, the gun is stabilized, the goals easier.

Mute Function 2 – Nano-catalysts: The unlimited collection of nano-catalysts is actually more like a genuine exploit. And that goes like this: At a certain stage in the game, you get killed by enemies nano-catalysts with which you can upgrade your suit. There are 12 more or less useful upgrades are available. The trick: Your purchased upgrades are tied to your gamer profile. This should be preserved for the upgrades through repeated play. But of course you can play through most rewarding sections repeated, so buy all the upgrades in one go and go out with maximum power in the first-round games. Whether it is fun or adjacent to self-deception, but you must decide alone.

Conclusion: These are most important tips and tricks with secret functions for Crysis 2 Nanosuit game. You will find these games cheats very useful while playing this game.

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