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3:57 am - Friday December 19, 2014

Mafia II: Tips & Tricks


Looking for some General Tips and Tricks for Mafia 2 gangster epic. Well, generally speaking popular game Mafia 2 is not as most people considers. Here we will share some Mafia 2 tips & cheats which will help you in the mission. Also Check Crysis 2 Nanosuit: Tips & Tricks

mafia 2 Mafia II: Tips & Tricks

Mafia 2 is certainly not a difficult game, however, there are few places where it looks bits tricky. The whole game Mafia 2 gangster epic consists of 15 chapters and there are one or the other situation where you might need some tips and hints. So head over to the variety of tips and advice for Mafia 2: A complete solution to save time, elegant escape the police, to make money and to defeat your opponents.

Mafia 2: General Reviews

Car Repair

  • Keep Car repair
  • Save your best cars in the garage.
  • You can repair cars in your garage
  • Make sure the fuel level!
  • Use limiters to brake.
  • Your car accelerate better without limiter.
  • If you have money to spare, he can spend it at any time for engine upgrades. A better use of it in Mafia 2 barely.
  • Look in front of the car theft on the mini, if police are nearby.

Mafia II Mafia II: Tips & Tricks

Mafia 2: Strolls

  • Food and drink will increase your maximum life energy. So be careful!
  • In clothing shops, you lose some money for your status search.
  • robberies worth the most at gun shops, since only one person is present and the coffers are full to the brim. Sit on top right next to the front door and want you as the shop owners from quickly. Otherwise, he draws his weapon that is!
  • money you earn the fastest attacks. Or bring stolen cars to Bruski or Derek at the port.

Mafia 2: Trouble with the police

  • The police is looking either for you, for your car, or both.
  • For a wanted level 1-2, you can surrender and ransom.
  • From Rogue Level 3, you must change your clothes, or dive.
  • If you only look for yourself, you will be recognized in a car slow.
  • If only search your car, steal a new one if no one is looking, or change the number plates.
  • Never attempt a cool drift, if you are followed. This is most likely wrong.
  • The last option is a call to the police on a cell phone, which will cost but a lot of coal.

Mafia IIa Mafia II: Tips & Tricks

Mafia 2: Weapons and melee

  • Keep constant fist fights at the block key and relies on well-timed, quick combinations
  • Make sure that you can be flanked by enemies.
  • Look immediately to cover shootings.
  • Their opponents usually appear repeatedly in the same place from cover.
  • Grenades and Molotov cocktails are particularly good against enemies in cars.
  • Take the cap of a car, it explodes. This can be incredibly useful.
  • Machine guns are ideal for groups of enemies by surprise.
  • The Magnum is by far the most powerful gun – ideal for close to medium range.
  • Charge all weapons to fight against each.
  • If you squat down while you are under cover, to leave an even smaller target.


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