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Google Search: Important Tips and Tricks

Google can do more than you might think. With the right tricks you will not only search faster but also get much better search results. The giant search engine helps you in every matter, you can use it as a dictionary, converts currencies, knows current train schedules, movie listings and searches you the most beautiful picture on the web. Here we have explained some tips which will help you in Google search.

Google as a world clock

Various tools provide users with the time at certain places on Earth. But Google provides the same functionality without any additional software. To determine the time of a particular city, simply type “time” followed by the desired city, so for example, “time new york”. The first result provides the corresponding time.

Google as a dictionary

Alongside search results Google provides on request definitions. You simply enter your query in the form “define: a search”.

Birthdays, facts & figures

With Google search you can find anything what you want.  Even facts like population numbers and birthdays of famous people can be searched via Google search. Simply formulate a specific question like “population of Munich” or “birthday of Michael Jackson.”

Quick Search

Almost all browsers provide an additional field for the Web, no matter which side they are staying in the moment. And almost all browsers have a shortcut that places the cursor directly in the search box. This saves you much time in the long term and can now enter your search query. For example:  Firefox users get the box with the key combination “Ctrl + K,” Explorer users use ‘Ctrl + E “. Chrome combines the input field for URLs and searches. You can reach it “Ctrl + L”.

Google as a Calculator

Thanks to Google each separate calculator is superfluous: Simply enter any task in the search field and start the search.

Google Earth

After extensive playing with “Google Earth”  neither the card nor the orientation of the viewing angle are most ture. Instead of tedious to navigate back to the starting position, simply press the N key to align the map to the north and R-or U button to reset the view.

Google Earth: original pictures and recording date

You can get some more details in “Google Earth” than are displayed by default. Put a check mark in the sidebar before the entry DigitalGlobe coverage and receive a portion of the images for the recording date. In addition, you can also access the original image if it is available.

Google Earth to increase material

If you are not satisfied with Google earth finding.  Then you should reinstall The flash earth add-on that creates an integration of maps of various other manufacturers to  have an even broader view of the world.

Moon and Mars to discover

In addition to the repertoire of Google Earth which includes the moon and Mars. Information and pictures of the celestial bodies can be found at google.com / Mars or google.com / Moon.

Chrome profiles with secure “Google Chrome Backup”

The Google Chrome Backup tool creates personal surfing profiles. These include all settings done, your saved bookmarks and personal history.

Still  there are lot of things you can do with Google search and it is not possible to cover topic in single post.



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