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7:19 pm - Friday December 19, 2014

Why Getting Your Lawn Suit Stylishly Stitched is a Cinch in 2011


As the lawn rat race heats up, so have the market pavements, as women’s heels pound against them as they rush to the tailors to get their precious lawn dresses stitched before the harsh summer heat starts bearing down on all of us. And precious they surely are, as the average cost of a (once very affordable) lawn dress these days is nothing short of at least Rs 5000 (stitching included if you’re lucky).

Now call me old-fashioned, boring whatever! But personally I’m waiting (endlessly it seems) for the good old straight, medium-length shirts and normal shalwars to return. I KNOW! I KNOW! I am painfully aware of the fact that NONE of you agree with me! You guys just cant get enough of the trendy flaired cuts, chic panels, petite bodices, groovy necklines, multiple extensions, intricate embroidery, trousers in all shapes and sizes and pleats galore…(phew!) the list is endless! I’m exhausted just thinking about it!nadia hussain summer lawn collection 2011 6 200x300 Why Getting Your Lawn Suit Stylishly Stitched is a Cinch in 2011

Well the good news for all of you is that most of the latest lawn collections for 2011 are coming with most of the above-mentioned features included with the unstitched suit! That’s right ladies, our talented Pakistani designers and textile brands are extremely business savvy and know exactly what today’s woman wants; Style, comfort and convenience. Hence no more spending hours in jam-packed lace shops, dripping sweat in over heated dye shops, haggling with embroiderers and scouring through magazines for nice designs! Everything you need is already there. Hallelujah!

Most of the latest lawn collections (Sana Safinaz, Lakhani, Asim Jofa, V-Lawn, Gul-Ahmed, Al-Karam, Nadia Hussain, Sobia Nazir to name a few) have made our lives much simpler by designing their lawn suits in such a way that they only need to be taken directly to the tailor to be stitched. Consumers are complaining that lawn prices are very steep this year. Agreed. But considering all the paraphernalia that is coming along with each suit, the price seems well worth it. Besides, you don’t have to go for the all-inclusive, accessorized suits which are obviously higher priced. The simpler printed lawn suits are equally pretty with their vibrant patterns and psychedelic colours.

That said, be warned! Don’t fall for the designs you see in the oh-so-amazing catalogues. Most of the time what you see is NOT what you get. For example, although many designer lawns are coming with extra panels, the fabric is usually A LOT less than the amount used for the model in the catalogue (not to mention all the models are waifer thin and probably need a lot less fabric anyway!). So unless you purchase two suits of the same print (in which case you’re either filthy rich or plain dumb), you won’t be coming any close to the amount of flair shown. It’s a trick so don’t fall for it. Moreover, lots of lawn prints have been enhanced via embroidered neck lines and borders, so what may be looking amazing in print might not appeal at all in when you look at the plain suit at the shops. So don’t let the pictures fool you!

But there are a couple of brands that deserve a special mention for being true to their word, and providing everything advertised in their catalogues with each suit. And I say this from personal experience ladies. The incorrigible fashion icons Sana Safinaz have really outdone themselves this time. I bought a couple of their dresses and they included every single thing; be it the printed silk border, the long embroidered ‘galla’, the chiffon sleeves and even a small motif to be stitched on beneath the ‘galla’! Needless to say I was very satisfied. Lakhani was a close second for me. Both have done a fabulous job with their extensions and add-ons.

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Sana Safinaz Lawn Collection 2011









lakhani summer collection 2011 1 thumb Why Getting Your Lawn Suit Stylishly Stitched is a Cinch in 2011

lakhani summer collection 2011 2 thumb Why Getting Your Lawn Suit Stylishly Stitched is a Cinch in 2011











Lakhani Mills Lawn Collection 2011



gul ahmed summer lawn collection 2011 16 thumb Why Getting Your Lawn Suit Stylishly Stitched is a Cinch in 2011

 But here’s the great thing. Those of you who you cant afford the accessorized suits, or prefer the simplistic look, need not worry either. Every textile brand has a catalogue of its lawn designs, which are easily available in the market. And with so much available in lace and dupatta shops these days, the designs in these catalogues can easily be replicated, albeit with a little hassle. The funniest thing is, even the lace ‘walas’ know what you’re looking for. All you have to do is show them the page and they take out the stuff for you saying “oye chotey! Gul Ahmed ke 112 number ki cheezen nikalo!”

That said, all this paraphernalia (when bought separately) doesn’t come cheap either. So at the end of the day, you will be spending a lot of cash in either case! The good news is, there are plenty of lawn collections this time round that have designs and textures that are rich and vibrant enough to be fashionable and trendy on their own.

And THAT’S why ladies, getting a fashionable, trendy lawn dress stitched this year  is a piece of (very expensive) cake! Happy Stitching!

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