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20 Absolutely Free Android Applications

android-logo Since the launch of some new Smart phones running Google’s Android OS Android applications are much in demand.  Although the list cannot match the likes of Apple’s applications running literally in the thousands but for Android it is just a start that is poised to take off. User reviews are encouraging and the availability of Android SDK free of cost has given the required impetus to the development of more applications. Enthusiasts the world over are now busy developing more and more apps for varying needs. In my previous post I had listed Top Ten Android applications now I have listed 20 free apps for Android devices that includes categories like Communication tools, Utilities, Social, Reference, Lifestyle, Finance, Entertainment, Shopping and Productivity. Read on for a brief description of these applications and do try them out, remember they are all free!


  • Opera Mini v 4.0. The well known web browser Opera Mini runs on Android devices as it has been designed for them. The browser is fast as the content is compressed before being sent to the phone, which saves more time as well as money. However, do check the version before downloading and installing on your device for compatibility issues. The browser also lets users synchronize history, notes and bookmarks between mobile phone and PC. Website: Opera.
  • Twidroid. Twidroid is a creation of Marban & Zimmermann and is used for tweeting via the Android phone. It supports photo posting (Native), auto-completion, news from twitter buzz and location support. The newer version is going to have off line composing facility and YouTube posting. More info is available at Marban & Zimmermann website.

  • Tag-ToDo-List. This app has been developed by Teodor Filimon and it provides an advanced to-do experience to the users. One can draw graphics or even take notes, record an audio, check various stats etc. Once a task is completed users can simply check them off. Tasks that are long completed will be automatically wiped off form the list. The simple ease of use is its main advantage. Website: Teodor Filimon.
  • JETCET PDF. Developed Westtek LLC by  this app allows users to view PDF documents after downloading or from within Gmail. Original formatting is retained even if the files have been downloaded from a PC. Password protection is available (both 40 and 128 bit versions), also included is easy navigation to pages and bookmarking. Website: Westtek LLC.
  • Battery Widget. GeekYouUp is the proud developer of this application which shows the battery status in a very intelligent manner. Separate buttons for Display, Wifi and GPS let users configure and monitor the battery status of their mobile devices. Website: GeekYouUp.


  • Pickup Lines.  If you suffer from constant spells of stammering or speech loss in front of absorbent human beings this app will let you choose the right pickup line for the right time. One can also share funny lines with friends using this app. It has been developed by Swiss CodeMonkeys and is a must for those who feel out of words just at the right moment.
  • Pintail. Tim Gibara promises an application that will let you find your Android device in case it gets lost or stolen. Simply send a Pin protected SMS and the receive a reply with your phone’s location. Something like Dondeesta for Windows Mobile and Symbian phones. Similarly, friends can keep track of you by simply sending a Pin protected SMS. Website: Tim Gibara.


  • My Tracks. This application by Google lets users record their GPS tracks. It also enables users to view live stats while biking, trekking, walking or even jogging. The tracks can also be shared with friends having similar phones and running similar apps. Also available is the facility to upload the stats on Google Spreadsheets and see them on Google My Maps.


  • AcroBible Lite. This application will let you read the Holy Bible whether it is the New Testament or the Old. The Holy Book is available off line and users can make searches as well as navigate easily form page to page or even chapters for a truly Holy experience. Users can attach notes to verses, create bookmarks, make a year long plan to read the Bible and highlight text in different colors. Website: ArcoDesign Tech.
  • Thesaurus. Thesaurus by SpeedyMarks lets users search for words. It lets users lookup for synonyms and antonyms. Results yield more meanings on a single tap hence making search easier. A history of the searched items is maintained for easier access later.  Website: SpeedyMarks.
  • Quickpedia. If you somehow cannot live without Wikipedia, then this app is built for you. Quickpedia has been developed by Next Mobile Web, users can search for articles, browse through them, and also see featured pages. It will also let you search articles related to your location using the built-in GPS of your device.
  • Google Sky Map. Sky Map from Google allows users to view the heavenly bodies in the skies on their mobile phone screens. It lets users find planets and constellations by simply pointing their phones towards the sky. An ideal tool for astronomers as well as those aspiring to explore the universe and beyond. Website: Sky Map.


  • SA Tip Calculator. Developed by Nate Sanden this is the application for compulsive tippers no matter big or small. A tip in any case is a tip, and needs to be documented to see where you are going financially. Users need to type in the bill, info on the number of members sharing the cheque and the tip given. All this is saved according to the date and time. It will also calculate the tax deducted form the total cheque amount. Read more at Nate Sanden.
  • Mobile Banking. This app has been developed by the Bank of America exclusively for Android powered mobile devices. It allows users to check their balance available in the account, pay bills, transfer money and locate an ATM using the device’s GPS, best of all it does not even need an address input. Simply download it and start using for some financial convenience previously unimagined. Read the Bank of America page for more information.
    • Entertainment.

  • Funny Jokes. This is application gives users access to thousands of jokes. Users can also add  their own jokes to share with friends via SMS or email. Presently there are 12 categories hosting innumerable jokes. Users can also rate jokes and add their own profiles along with pictures. Visit the Swiss Codemonkeys website for more information.
  • ikamobile Movie Finder. If you need to find a movie anywhere, anytime ikamobile is the application to use. One can find timings of theatres near his/her location. It also allows users to watch trailers or movies and gain info on the latest flicks. Countries include US, UK , Canada, China, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany and Denmark. Read more info at the ikamobile page.


  • OI Shopping List. This nifty app helps users record their shopping items. It can also be used for maintaining a simple ToDo list or even for noting down a party list of the members. It lets users add items, mark them and clean a list, make a new list and delete a list. Various themes are also available for adorning the device screen. For more info read the OpenIntent website.
  • Craigslist Checker. Bratag just made Craigslist addicts life a little easier by developing an application that lets them find items from Craigslist. Searches can be saved and can also be set as alerts. The listings can be emailed to friends for sharing.


  • Stop Watch. This is a simple stop watch that records lap timings and saves them. Best of all it does not loose the recorded time even of the mobile phone is switched off. More info is available here.
  • Save MMS. If you need to save pictures, sound or even videos from your MMS to your phone’s memory card Save MMS will do this for you. The media is available in a separate folder named “Saved MMS” and can be accessed from Pictures and  Music apps. More info is available at Andrew Schwimmer’s website.
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