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Android OS sales on sharp rise in Europe, but can it sustain?

According to IDC , Google Android OS will surpass sales and market presence of both Nokia Symbian ( market leader ) and Apple’s iOS Smartphone platforms in year 2011 across Europe zone. This was told to bloomberg by IDC Analyst Jeronimo. Now this may hold true but it is yet to be seen how Nokia N8 will compete with Android based SmartPhones, furthermore, Microsoft is also going to compete heavily in European market with its Windows Phone 8 series Smartphones.


Western Europe Smartphone System Market Share (IDC data)

               FY 2009        9M 2010        3Q 2010
Symbian        51             38             34
iPhone         21             23             24
Blackberry     15             17             14
WiMo           8              4              3
Android        4              16             23

The main reason in android’s rising sales is the introduction of Smartphones like HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S which offers same features and feel like Apple’s iPhone but at lower cost. IPhone is no longer a hot SmartPhone and people have lot of choices in the SmartPhone arena.

The real question here is that can Android keep its momentum amid fierce competition with Symbian^3 and WP7 SmartPhones, with Microsoft already selling its devices at lower cost and with lucrative deals. In my opinion it will be tough and it will come down to the availability of good apps foundation and business Adaptability and Microsoft may have some edge here.

Smartphones are expected to account for 49 percent of western Europe handset shipments in 2011, up from 35 percent forecast for this year, Jeronimo said.

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