1:19 am - Tuesday January 27, 2015

How to Prevent iPhone From Tracking your Moves?

We have reported that your iPhone track your movements and stored all the information in secret hidden file which can be accessed that will disclose your secrets. But you can get rid of the files that record your movements via jailbreak Cydia app called untrackerd.

Since the revelation that iPhone spying your movements and ,of course, all these data are recorded in a top secret file and we can say that the news triggered a public outcry. But don’t worry iPhone dev team has released Cydia app called untrackerd enable your to prevent iPhone from tracking your movements.

The method is little bit complicated but If you’re more of a hacker, this does not pose any problem, of course, but beginners may have a bit more difficult to carry out this operation. Anyway, once Cydia is present on your phone, just download and install a little utility called Untracker practice. This will not prevent your iPhone to record your position, but it will run in the background and automatically delete it.

In order to get avoid from iPhone tracking you must have jailbroken iPhone. Then install jailbreak Cydia app Untracker on your iPhone and this jailbreak app will be available free on Cydia under BigBoss repo.






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