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iPhone 4 Tips, Tricks & Secrets

Apple iPhone 4 sales hit just because of smart design concept and and easy operation.  But not all functions are self explanatory. Here we have presented some iPhone 4 tips and tricks that make your iPhone simply the best. These iPhone 4 tips ,tricks and secrets are the best for daily usage of iPhone.

Simps iPhone Apps & Operation:

Basically the the success of the iPhones has a reason that the Apple design piece has a separate operation. Now you an see internet pages in portrait format.When turning the Mobile Phones The screen contents also rotated and adjusted the page size accordingly. The controller works almost exclusively on the Touchscreen and a central menu button. Wiping movements to the leaves or deleting e-mails are not only effective but also helpful in the operation. Users enlarge or reduce images or web pages with two fingers (multitouch) – this is much simpler than the menu selection on a conventional phone keypad. Moreover, there are more than 300,000 programs which  iPhone more comfortable, safer and more fun to make.

iOS 4.X:

From the operating concept of the Operating Systems Apple iOS convinced most of the users who use new OS instead of the usual manual shows only a small leaflet. However, although the control is easy with a little practice of the hand, not all self-explanatory. Sun Entry-looking on-screen keyboard desperate for umlauts. The trick: The OB appears only when you press the letter U long.

Many tips for all occasions

From a iPhone keyboard shortcut for the emergency of hidden features for creating screenshots (screenshots) to tips for faster write. These are the most useful tricks for the iPhone collected and summarized clearly for you.

iPhone 4 tips and tricks and secrets

1. Caps-Lock enable

Activation of the Caps Lock opens the Settings menu, tap General and Keyboard and the control slide next to the entry Caps Lock to the left. Once done, turn off the caps lock by double-tapping the ShiftButton once.

2. Saving Images

The iPhone can save all the pictures that show in  the Apple browser, Safari, or contained in e-mails: Just press about three seconds on the image and in the new selection Save image Tap the picture gets in the Recordings archived.

3. Copy pictures to your PC

Images and photos of the iPhone will take you effortlessly to your PC. Start by key combination Win + E Windows Explorer and open the iPhone memory by double-clicking the entry Apple iPhone. The pictures available there as you copy other files on Windows.

4. Screenshots with two-button trick

You can also creates iPhone screenshots with a hidden function. If the desired content is displayed, press the HomeButton and hold it down. By pressing the power button saves the iPhone to the taking in the new folder Film.

5. Landscape mode enable

If you want a bigger keyboard when typing, such as the Safari browser, you rotate the iPhone as you type in the horizontal position.

6. Music nonstop

If your iPhone just playing music, typing effects on cover and Repeat that album begins after playing forward. Tap twice on the icon that is repeated only the current song. A third tap stops the loop. The crossed arrows on the right side activate the ShuffleFunction – the music will not play using the play list, but mixed.

7. Home Sweet Home

Double clicking the HomeButton opens the locked iPhone menu. How to play iPhone music – without first unlocking. If it is already unlocked, open the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 instead of the multi-tasking bar.

8. Move and delete icons

A long press on an icon on the screen of the iPhone can change their arrangement. If you press an icon on the screen shake long enough, all the symbols and a small X icon appears. This allows the icons to move a finger and rearrange. Please click on the X delete the application. The pre-installed programs, such as stocks or weather, can not be deleted.

9. Several photos in an e-mail insert

To reply to an e-mail and paste iPhone images (photos and videos)? No problem! Please use the CopyFunction – this also with multiple files.

10. Free ringtones from MP3 files

Using a small detour to create from existing MP3 files ringtones for iPhone – for free. The following Instructions It shows you step by step.

Conclusion: Although there is a long list of iPhone 4 utilities which makes the iPhone distinguish from other smartphones.  But the list of iPhone app utilities is the best for normal usage of iPhone.

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