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ITG xpPhone 2 – First Smartphone to be Powered by Windows 8

Windows 8 is still in the phase of development and mobile phone makers have already announced the next Windows 8 powered smartphones. This time it’s a Taiwanese company, ITG, who has announced that their Windows 8 powered smartphone will come in first month of January, 2012.

The device is named as xpPhone 2, the successor of xpPhone which was powered by Windows XP. xpPhone 2 will be the first smartphone to be powered by Windows 8.

If, we look at Windows 8 then, it is still in the early stages of development and we last month, saw the release of Windows 8 Developer Preview which is pre-beta version of Windows 8.

Initially, to be powered by Windows 7, this smartphone will pack a 1.6 GHz processor, 2 GB of Ram, more than 100 GB of SSD and a 4.3-inch display which would be touch sensitive.

Windows 8 is still going through the early stages of development and final version would not be released until fourth quarter of 2012. As soon as the final version would be available, this device would be expected to get an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

xpPhone, the predecessor of xpPhone 2 was also the first one to be powered by Microsoft’s Windows OS, but, at that time it was Windows XP. But now, with the latest version of Windows, which fully supports touch display, xpPhone 2 is expected to be a more successful device.

This new Windows smartphone would be available in January, 2012.

For more details you can visit Windows 8 Core where you can find detailed article regarding the features of this new up-coming smartphone.

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