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Top 12 Best 3D Games for Nokia N8 – Part Three

This is the third and last part of our coverage of top 12 best 3d games for Nokia n8, here we will look at some of the best 3d games available to date on Nokia’s Symbian ^3 operating System. Check the games below let us know which 3D games you love to play on your gorgeous Nokia N8. Also see Top 10 best free apps for Nokia N8.

Games covered in this last part include following ( see rest of the games in Part One and Part Two ) :

  • James Cameron Avatar HD for Nokia N8
  • Monopoly Classic HD in 3D for Nokia N8
  • Sims 3 HD for Nokia N8
  • Iron Sight HD for Nokia N8

James Cameron Avatar HD


Another RPG game, which start off just like in the movie, controlling your Avatar in the military compound on Pandora. There is a  great tutorial will have you running, jumping, and swinging your Avatar around the stunning world of Pandora in no time. The amazing graphics give the lush environments vibrant life and, although this mobile game isn’t in 3D, you’ll still feel like you’re part of the amazing natural world of Pandora.

Download Avatar 3D

See Avatar for nokia n8 in video above

Monopoly Classic HD in 3D


Your favorite classic board game is now available on Nokia N8 in 3D. Up to 4 players can play via hot seat mode or you can challenge the AI which comes in three difficulties: easy, medium, and hard. Interestingly you shake your device to roll the dice. This gives the game more of a classic feel that’s missing in other mobile versions. Combine this with the incredibly crisp graphics on the Nokia N8 and Monopoly Classic HD is a great game to play with friends or family.

Download Monopoly Classic HD

watch video of monopoly classic above

Sims 3 HD


One of the most known RPG of all time is here on Nokia N8, This game features rich and vibrant graphics, and the touch controls make controlling your Sim a breeze. There’s 73 goals to discover in the mobile game, enough to keep you (and your Sim) entertained for hours. Not only that but the very popular trait system is available in this version with everything from Shy and Vain to Easily Impressed and, my personal favourite, Couch Potato.

Download Sims 3 HD for Nokia N8

watch video of sims 3 hd on nokia n8 above

Iron Sight HD


This is one intense strategy game where you play against opponent in turn base mech combat style, the  controls and tactics involved in this game makes it an engrossing mobile strategy game. Using sophisticated controls (including firing angle, power, and direction) you will guide your mechanical warriors in an epic battle for survival. The easy, medium, and hard modes allow for beginners and experts alike to enjoy and the targeting handicap will help you get the feel of combat for those new to the game.

If you manage to conquer the single-player campaign you can also test your skills against your friends using hot seat or against players around the world via the multiplayer platform.

Download Iron sight Game for Nokia N8

check out video of iron sight game play on nokia n8

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