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6:27 pm - Thursday December 18, 2014

Top 5 Best Selling Smartphones in UK


Souvenirs and gift items might be the best sellers today in UK because of the Royal Wedding. But now, let’s talk about a different love story, and that is the love that UK users have for their smartphones. If you are from UK and want to know what are the best selling smartphones in you place, continue reading. Smartphones have a great impact in the lives of many and for our Brit friends, iOS rocks, though Android ruled last month, Apple proves that they’re still royalty after snatching the top 1 spot from HTC’s Desire.

1. iPhone 4 (16 GB)

The prominent device, once again proved that the Apple magic still works. From being the sixth placer, 5 months ago, the iPhone 4 start climbing vigorously to the top, and now it enjoys sitting on the throne of the top 1. With the gorgeous Retina Display, a great 5 MP camera with flash, aluminum unibody construction, and of course the full access to tons of apps on Apple’s App Store, this baby proves that it still has the what it takes to rule.

iphone4 2up front side 755x1024 Top 5 Best Selling Smartphones in UK

Free from £40 per month, this smartphone doesn’t have the word cheap on its name.

2. Samsung Galaxy S II

As the latest phone on the list it’s a bit shocking that many Brits already loved this device. But maybe it isn’t really that of a surprise considering that it’s the only dual-core bearing phone in our list, with a crisp and clear SuperAMOLED Plus, 8 MP rear camera with flash and the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread, maybe it’s really worth the second place. The 4.3 incher is also not just a pretty device because it’s ready to show us some muscle with a 1 Ghz dual-core processor.

Samsung Galaxy S II 02 1024x768 Top 5 Best Selling Smartphones in UK

At £30 per month, this device is free, quite affordable and reasonable if you ask us. What do you think?

3. HTC Desire HD

With a great 8 MP camera, good-looking 4.3 inch LCD capacitive touchscreen, and a blazing 1 Ghz CPU power, this big guy went down a from the second to the third spot. Topped Android 2.2 and a great screen with HTC’s renowned Sense UI, this smartphone is great for browsing the net, also the battery is replaceable. Though some people would not agree to the design of Desire HD, some likes it, it’s a love-hate relationship, you know?

htc desire hd Top 5 Best Selling Smartphones in UK

It is available now at Three for a monthly fee of £20 for 2 years.

4. HTC Desire

The award-winning smartphone of 2010 is obviously the one that dropped badly, going down 3 notches from the top. This smartphone was first released coated with Android 2.1 Éclair, and now it is available with FroYo and soon it might also get Gingerbread upgrade, that’s three versions in one smartphone! With the right size at 3.7”, a decent 5 MP camera with flash, aluminum unibody construction and a fast 1 Ghz processor, there is no doubt that this phone made UK love it, at least for a few months. Though it was affected with the shortage of AMOLED screens, HTC was able to look for an alternative and that was S-LCD, maybe it’s not as crisp as the AMOLED, but it was able to do the job right.

02897794 photo desire brown front back left 1024x836 Top 5 Best Selling Smartphones in UK

Available at £15 per month for 2 years, this device is the cheapest and the most affordable on this list.

5. Samsung Galaxy S

And finally, the last smartphone that had enough buyers for it to make it through the cut is Samsung’s flagship device, the Galaxy S. This baby was able to maintain its position from last month’s. Flaunting an adorable SuperAMOLED capacitive touchscreen that stretches through the whole 4 inch surface of this gorgeous device, with a super fast 1 Ghz Hummingbird processor, Android 2.2 FroYo that is upgradeable to Gingerbread and a decent 5 MP camera, no wonder why UK fell in love with this smartphone.

Samsung GalaxyS  24588 zoom 1024x1024 Top 5 Best Selling Smartphones in UK

The Samsung Galaxy S is available in a two-year contract at £18 per month.

So, to wrap everything up, do you think the iPhone 4 deserves the top spot? Or does Android look better on the top of the list? Hit the comments section and be heard!

Source: uSwitch


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