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25 Must have (Free) applications for Windows

The most popular OS on Earth aka Windows doesn’t come cheap. It costs money to buy it and     it  costs even more money to have the bare essentials. Thankfully, freebies are available and in abundance, and so one can save hundreds of dollars. Some of the most wanted and essential ones have been compiled by Biggtech. We really hope you enjoy using them :-)

1. Avast Antivirus: One of the most popular Antivirus, Avast gets a standing ovation for outstanding performance. The once lightweight, is now a heavyweight and a top preferred choice of Home as well as corporate users. Download: Avast.

2. Teamviewer: This perhaps is the ultimate application for sharing files online via the Internet. It gets two thumbs up simply for the user-friendliness. One can create VPN, make point to point connections, use it for for remote tech support, run a presentations and transfer files. Simply type in the remote PC’s ID, supply password and begin using it. Download: Teamviewer.

3. Connectify: Connectify will turn your laptop/PC in to a wireless hotspot allowing users to access the Internet. It is very easy to configure and use. The application also provides password security. One can connect PCs/laptops, gaming consoles and smart phones. Download: Connectify.

4.  Foxit Reader: Need fast, really fast Adobe documents reader? Just download and install Foxit Reader. It promises speed and performance at absolutely no cost. Download: Foxit Reader.

5.  Mozilla Firefox: Need we say more? This perhaps is the king of all browsers and it doesn’t come alone. There are literally hundreds of thousands of add-ons, themes and interesting stuff. Download: Firefox.

6.  uTorrent: If you have a thing for torrents and are addicted to downloading, uTorrent is the application to have. Small, smart and nifty it will download everything from books, music, movies and apps to simple junk. Try it out. Download: uTorrent.

7.  Windows Live Messenger: More popular than anything this messenger will let you keep in touch with the world. It is available in multiple languages and supports voice/video chat. Download: Windows Live Messenger

8.  Google Chrome. A lightweight portable browser that is fast, secure and a pleasure to use. Just like the Firefox it has innumerable add-ons for users to download and use. A must have. Download: Chrome.

9.   Skype: Whether it is for business or personal use, nothing beats Skype in voice and video quality. One can make calls to landlines/cell phones around the globe and economical rates as well. This application has no substitute. Download: Skype.

10.  YouTube Downloader: This application has to be on the YouTube addict’s “most wanted” list. It can download videos from Facebook, YouTube, Google Video, yahoo Video and many other websites. Using this one can also convert videos to various formats for mobile-phones and other devices. Download: YouTube Downloader.

11.  Auslogics Disk Defrag: Disk defragmentation comes free with Windows irrespective of the flavor one is using. However, Auslogics Disk Defrag can optimize space more efficiently, can defrag single files or folders, set defrag schedules, optimizes free space and it does this for multi-terabytes of volumes. Download: Auslogics

12.  EASEUS Partition Manager: EASEUS Partition Manager make sit easy to create partitions on your hard disk without hassles. No need to do fdisk and loose all your data.Works across multiple Windows flavors and can be used to resize/move partitions, extend system drives, copy disk and partition, merge/split partitions, allocate free space and even recover partitions. What more can one ask for? Download: EASEUS Partition Manager.

13.  Any Video Converter: A very easy to use video converter for anyone. This thing supports multiple formats (input as well as Output). It can trim videos, make single clip of multiple videos by joining them, download from YouTube, Google etc. All this is done in multiple frame sizes and resolutions. Download: Any Video Converter.

14.  Wordweb: Life without a Dictionary/Thesaurus is pretty much incomplete specially for Bloggers. However, the app can be used by anyone as it offers quick lookup of English words. Besides offering synonyms and antonyms. Download: Wordweb.

15.  FreeRIP: This is an advanced CD ripping tool that will convert your music CDs in various formats. Just insert the CD, run FreeRIP and let the magic begin. Formats supported are MP3, WMA, Ogg, Wav or FLAC. Download: FreeRIP.

16.  Media Player Classic: It is a light application for playing media files , both audio and video in multiple formats. It has DVD player with zoom, QuickTime, Real Video support, besides MPEG2/SVCD/DVD codes: Download: Media Player Classic.

17.  DAP: Download Accelerator Plus aka DAP is the preferred choice of PC users worldwide for scheduling downloads since a very longtime. The app gained popularity when broadband did not exist and Dialup was the order of the day. Claims to get 400% fast downloads. Download: DAP

18.  Burn4Free: Supporting multiple Windows versions this small application burns CDs, DVDs and BLU RAY discs from various file types. It comes in multiple languages as well. Optical media supported is CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/DVD+R/DVD-RW/DVD+RW/DVD-RAM BD-R BD-RE drives (SCSI – IDE/EIDE – USB). Quite a mouthful, isn’t it? Download: Burn4Free.

19.  7-Zip: A good utility for compressing files. 7-Zip is small, fast and free. No payment or registration required, this app is easy to use as well. Besides all this it provides strong AES-256 encryption in 7z and ZIP formats. Download: 7-Zip.

20. OpenOffice.org: This is a complete office suite offering word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, graphics, database etc in many languages. Besides it can save documents in open formats and is compatible with the ever present MS Office. Can be downloaded or one can also order a CDs. Download: OpenOffice.

21.  Picasa: A wonderful product form Google, Picasa is used for basic editing of photos, storing and sorting them. The facial recognition feature is really useful as one does not need to sort photos and instead the software automatically does it for the user. It can also perform normal editing functions like removing Red Eye, cropping and reducing size etc. Download: Picasa.

22.  doPDF: This a very useful application for converting documents to PDF format for free. It can convert documents, spreadsheets,presentations, email and web pages in to PDF with just one click. Download: doPDF.

23. Windows Live Writer: This is a God send for bloggers, Windows Live Writer is the ultimate blogging tool. Using this application users can create posts in offline mode and then upload them to their blogs. Very nice layout and easy to use. Download: Windows Live Writer.

24. VLC Media Player: VLC Media Player plays innumerable formats whether it is music or video. It can handle web streams, TV cards, CDs, DVDs etc. The application can run broken and damaged files as well: Download: VLC Player.

25. FLV Player: FLV player can play Flash videos that have been downloaded. Using this one can navigate forward and backward through videos, play in loop, adjust volume to one’s liking besides adjusting the video’s size. Download: FLV Player.

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  • Smalfish37

    There is another free software for windows7 which is named MiniTool Partition Wizard softwre

  • Rob Williams

    Can you please tell me when anyone use disk defrag software in different operation system then how it works. I saw 1 website http://www.glarysoft.com/products/utilities/disk-speedup/ of disk defrag is very nice. What yours suggestion about this.

  • Mike

    Can I use http://www.torrentoff.com instead of uTorrent?