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12:32 am - Thursday December 18, 2014

Create high definition stitched panoramic photos using Free Microsoft Image composite editor


Microsoft Research Image Composite Editor is  an advanced panoramic image stitcher which is available for free. Creating high definition panoramic photos using this tool is amazingly simple and does not require user input or advance image editing skills to modify images in Adobe Photoshop, All user has to do is to takes a set of overlapping photographs of a scene shot from a single camera location and pass it to ICE, the program analyzes the pictures and creates a high-resolution panorama incorporating all the source images at full resolution.

Imagecompositeeditorsample thumb Create high definition stitched panoramic photos using Free Microsoft Image composite editor


The final output in form of stitched panorama can be saved in a wide variety of formats, from common formats like JPEG and TIFF, Bitmap ,PNG , Photoshop PSD to multi-resolution tiled formats like HD View and Silverlight Deep Zoom and High definition. For each output it supports advanced configurations specific to that format. This is a new greatly improved engine when compared to the Windows Live Gallery with many more features relevant to the photographer such as the ability to choose projections and adjustments of curvature and panorama centre.

This amazing tool is a product of Microsoft Research and is available. More information about HD view and Silverlight deep zoom are available below with samples. Also checkout the panoramic view of my home created here, view it in full screen here 

Microsoft ICE is compatible with Windows XP sp3, Windows vista and Windows 7 for both 32 and 64 bit and required requires .NET 2.0.

  • State-of-the-art stitching algorithms automatically place source images and determine panorama type
  • Advanced orientation adjustment view allows planar, cylindrical, and spherical projections
  • Support for different types of camera motion
  • Excellent exposure blending using Microsoft Research fast Poisson algorithm
  • Automatic cropping to maximum image area
  • No image size limitation – stitch gigapixel panoramas
  • Native support for 64-bit operating systems such as 64-bit Vista
  • Output in a wide variety of image formats:
    • HD View
    • Silverlight Deep Zoom
    • TIFF, JPEG, PNG, Bitmap
    • Adobe Photoshop

Download Microsoft Research Image composite editor from here.

What is HD View?
HD View is a new viewer plug-in developed by Microsoft Research’s Interactive Visual Media group to aid in the display and interaction with very large images in modern browsers such as IE8, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Click on the image below to view HD view in action along with many other high definition pictures, requires HD View plug-in installed.

HDviewHighdefinitionview Create high definition stitched panoramic photos using Free Microsoft Image composite editor

Below is a sample HD view of flicker stream and requires HD view installed:

Check out HD View blog

What is Silverlight Deep Zoom:

Silverlight Deep Zoom is a technology based on Silverlight 3 which provides the ability to interactively view high-resolution images. You can zoom in and out of images rapidly without affecting the performance of your application. Deep Zoom enables smooth loading and panning by serving up multi-resolution images and using spring animations. Deep Zoom is particularly useful in following scenarios:

  • Exploration of Very Large or High Resolution Images: A classic example of this would be zooming in on parts of a large map to see different levels of detail and then, using the mouse, moving your view around the map surface. As the user moves their view, animations are used to give the user the impression that they are “moving” from one place to the other on the image. Another example would be exploring a professional photo composition made up of high-resolution pictures.
  • 3-D Photography: Take pictures of a room, one after the other, creating a collection of photos that make up a 360 degree picture of the room. Now the user can pan around the room with each photo blending into the other.
  • Advertisements: You could create a relatively low-resolution image to represent the overall theme of the ad, and then have progressively higher resolution images containing more impressions and data about the product. When the page the ad is embedded in first loads, the ad smoothly sharpens and draws the attention of the reader by loading subsequently higher resolution images. Since the ad progressively loads, it does not significantly impact the user’s overall experience of the site. In addition, if the user’s mouse enters the ad, different parts of the ad can zoom in.

The following illustration shows how the Deep Zoom image works. The image itself is available in full resolution at the bottom of the pyramid, and lower resolution versions down to 4×4 pixels are stored alongside the full resolution image. The images at each level of the pyramid are stored in 256×256 pixel tiles (indicated by the white lines in the images).

Silverlightdeepzoomimagepyramid thumb Create high definition stitched panoramic photos using Free Microsoft Image composite editor

Microsoft Image composite editor can export your panoramic image into Silverlight deep zoom output and can be added into your websites.

Checkout the Silverlight deep zoom sample I created using the image set of my home I provided below:

Silverlight Deep zoom composer is another standalone free tool which allow the preparation of images for use with the Deep Zoom feature in Silverlight 3. The new Deep Zoom technology in Silverlight allows users to see images on the Web like they never have before. The smooth in-place zooming and panning that Deep Zoom allows is a true advancement and raises the bar on what image viewing should be. High resolution images need to be prepared for use with Deep Zoom and this tool allows the user to create Deep Zoom composition files that control the zooming experience and then export all the necessary files for deployment with Silverlight 3. click here to download

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