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7 Best Anti-virus for Nokia N8


With the increased use of internet and untrusted apps, the risk of your device being affected by virus has been increasing day by day. Infection can corrupt software of your Nokia, resulting in the malfunction of your N8. Some anti-virus applications have been introduced by Nokia, specifically, for the N8 which can protect your N8 against dangerous infections and can provide you safe and secure usage.

Here are 7 best antivirus apps which can help protect your N8.

1.Kaspersky Mobile Security

Kaspersky Internet Security is the mobile version of the famous Kaspersky Internet Security for PC’s with the following features:

1. Keeps your mobile life protected

2. You may locate your phone if it is lost or stolen

3. Now, you can, block or wipe out the data in your device, remotely

4. You may hide and unhide private contacts

5. SMSs and call logs at the touch of a button

6. Now, it is possible to secure your most sensitive files and folders

7. You may block annoying and unwanted calls and SMSs – now easier with multitasking utility

8. Malware and mobile fraud prevention is now very easy

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2. MobiShield Lite (Free Version)

Mobishield Antivirus in mobiles works just like any typical antivirus works in PCs, protecting your N8 from viruses, spyware and malware. While working in background, it keeps you safe and doesn’t provide any hurdle in your N8 operations.  

This amazing antivirus can do following functions:

1.It can protect N8 against viruses, malware and spyware

2.It is designed to filter incoming bluetooth connections, internet connections and messages from your phone

3.It records network traffic statistics

4.It operates like a connection manager

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3.Defenx Antivirus Suite

Defenx Antivirus Suite is developed with an option to protect your smartphone from:







While working in the background, it defends your phone against any threat by eliminating it before it can cause any damage.

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4. F-Secure Anti-Theft for Mobile

This software is designed to protect your personal and confidential information stored in your N8 to save it from misused in any way. Tracking your phone is easier if it is stolen or, alternatively, lock it or wipe out whole the data, remotely.

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5. F-Secure Mobile Security – Free

F-Secure Mobile Security, a complete protection set and solution for your phone, Mobile Security helps you to safeguard your personal and confidential data, if your smartphone is:



3.Infected by malware

4.Spied on

5.The new Browsing Protection feature automatically blocks harmful sites to ensure safe surfing

6.GPS location feature makes it possible to locate your phone.

Try F-Secure Mobile Security now with 7 day free trial!

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6. UMU Scan – Trial Utilities – Free

UMU Scan anti-virus provides full security against viruses, trojans, spyware or other malware while providing continuous protection without interference with the normal operation of your handset. It can perform following functions for your mobile phone:

1.Can detect any infected file as soon as it appears on the handset

2.Makes sure it cannot do any damage

3.Provides a simple way to scan your handset

4.Reminds you to scan inserted memory cards giving you confidence in the safety of the data on your smartphone

Try UMU Scan free for 7 days.

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7. UMU Mobile Security Utilities

UMU Mobile Security is designed, with all the features of our tried and tested antitheft, antivirus and antispam applications to protect, not only your smartphone but also the data it carries.

The above mentioned 3 features provide a powerful defence against spam, theft and other threats to your smartphone, ensuring its protection and your peace of mind.

Price: $1.59

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