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Best & Top Rugged SmartPhones of 2011 for Extreme outdoor Conditions

So, if the best rugged smartphones out there in the market that can survive on extreme outdoor conditions is what you’ve been looking for, continue reading. Here we’ve listed down the top rugged smartphones that has military specs and are mostly shock-proof, water proof, dust proof, scratch proof and any other “proofs” your nutshell can ever think of. These phones on the list have the best military coating and hardened for extreme labor, the designs might not be the best but they will totally rock your world. Let’s start the countdown now!

i-mate 810-F

This shock proof, waterproof and weather proof smartphone running the old Windows Mobile 6.1 can withstand extremely high temperatures from 14 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit! You can cook food with that temperature already. With HSDPA,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS this phone isn’t just rugged, it’s connectivity packed too. It also has a impact-resistant 2.4 inch resistive touch screen that will ensure you that your screen would be safe and a 2MP camera for taking pictures of the good looking views that you’re going to see whenever you bring this to your next mountain climbing trip.


This hard-shelled phone also has an embedded security software that can lock the device, wipe out all data, and trigger an alarm in case your phone is lost or stolen using your computer, hmmm, sounds like HTCSense.com to me. Also, at 749 USD this phone is rugged but ain’t cheap.
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Airo A25

This smartphone might have the longest list of global certifications that proves that it is ready for harsh conditions, and here they are

1. GCF
2. IP67
4. FCC
5. UL
6. IC
7. CE

But among these list, these one’s are considered the most essential
– Certifications: IP 67 and MIL STD 810-F (Independent testing for Shock, Drops, & Water)


It can survive in temperatures from –20 degrees C to 50 degrees C. With Intel® XScale PXA270, 416 MHz Clock: 416MHz processor and Windows Mobile 6 this phone is really rugged and a true blue smartphone. And at £532, this isn’t your cheap rugged smartphone.
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Motorola i1

With multi-touch support on it’s 3.1 inch glass screen and the outdated Android 1.5 this smartphone isn’t the best rugged Android smartphone ever, but it is good enough compared to Windows Mobile 6 phones some other phones. And to prove that it’s a rugged smartphone, this phone has 810-F certification to boast.


With iDEN Push-to-Talk and Sprint’s Nextel Direct Connect, this phone has some exclusive phone features that can only be found on this smartphone. Also, this has a 5MP camera, Bluetooth, WiFi and Swype technology for easy messaging. This baby is carrying a $349.99 prictag, sim-free.
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Motorola ES400

This smartphone also shows some certifications like IP42 and MIL-STD 810G. With switchable 2G and 3G networks, this smartphone is really feature packed.


It also has a biometric scanner, barcode scanner, Motorola Enterprise UI, 3 inch resistive touch screen with 750 nits of brightness that makes reading easy even under the bright sun, WiFi, Bluetooth, QWERTY keyboard, 600 Mhz processor and a microSDHC card slot. This smartphone is quite amazing, really. With a USD 415 price, this is quite affordable already.
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Trimble Nomad®

The Trimble Nomad is really one of the best rugged smartphones, I can’t disagree with that. Being shock proof, waterproof and dust proof, this smartphone certifications like MIL-STD-810F and IP67 proves that this smartphone is really rugged.


Some of it’s features are as follows
– 806 MHz processor
– 5MP autofocus camera
– Barcode laser scanner
– Windows Mobile 6
– Sunlight viewable touch screen display
And with a whopping $1300 a piece, this probably is the most expensive on our list.
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Motorola Defy

This might be one of the most recent rugged smartphones that has just been released. Running Android 2.1, upgradeable to 2.2 FroYo, capacitive touch screen, MotoBlur UI, 800 Mhz processor, WiFi and other typical stuff found on smartphones. Though there’s no official certification that this is rugged, Motorola claims that it is scratch resistant, dust proof and water resistant.


Though that’s the case, there is no doubt that this is the best looking smartphone that claims to be rugged. This might not be the be the most rugged of them all, but it’s undeniable the most beautiful rugged claimed phone. You can get this at it’s best price at $465.
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Casio G’zOne Commando

With looks that is quite military looking and features that is smartphone-y, this smartphone really deserves to be on the last part of our list, best for last as to what they’ve said. Running Android with a rugged touch panel and 5MP camera, this phone isn’t something that would just be a rugged smartphone, it is a smartphone


The large front speakers are also great. This phone passed the MIL-STD certification that proves that it is rugged enough to survive even on tough times. On a 2-year contract this is available for only $19.00, but remember that’s a 2-year contract you’re signing.
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There you have it. The most rugged and the best smartphones of 2011. Found something more interesting and more rugged? Hit the comment section and share.

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