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Hold onto your seat…Video Games are Real!!


Hold onto your seat%E2%80%A6Video Games are Real 300x225 Hold onto your seat...Video Games are Real!!

“Boom!! Can you feel what has happened?” it’s not science fiction but a new tactile technology has been developed at Disney Research, Pittsburgh(DRP) called Surround Haptics, “Haptics is a sense of touch, from the Greek “I touch.” makes it possible for video game players and film viewers to feel a wide variety of sensations, from the smoothness of a finger being drawn against skin to the jolt of a collision.

This amazing technology is based on rigorous psychophysical experiments and new models of tactile perception.

Do you feel it?

Yes, you can. The Players, or even film viewers in a movie theater will be seated in a chair outfitted with inexpensive vibrating actuators, Surround Haptics will enable them to feel road imperfections and objects falling on the car, sense skidding, braking and acceleration, and experience ripples of sensation when cars collide or jump and land. Oops.. you had an accident!!

“Although we have only implemented Surround Haptics with a gaming chair to date, the technology can be easily embedded into clothing, gloves, sports equipment and mobile computing devices,” said Ivan Poupyrev, senior research scientist at DRP, who invented and developed Surround Haptics with Ali Israr, also of DRP. “This technology has the capability of enhancing the perception of flying or falling, of shrinking or growing, of feeling bugs creeping on your skin. The possibilities are endless.”


The DRP researchers have accomplished this feat by designing an algorithm for controlling an array of vibrating actuators in such a way as to create “virtual actuators” anywhere within the grid of actuators. A virtual actuator, Poupyrev said, can be created between any two physical actuators; the user has the illusion of feeling only the virtual actuator.

Be Ready Surround Haptics will send shivers down your spine.

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    thatd be awesome combined with some virtual reality goggles in a home :P