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Top and Best Apps for Android in Holy Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem is= for all Muslims all over the world. Muslims around the world spend this holy month by praying, reading Quran, fasting and asking Allah’s forgiveness. Since Muslims are keen in reading Quran, Hadith, Dua and much more. Thus here are some android apps for Ramadan. So enjoy them and Ramadan Mubarak.

Sunrise/Sunset Finder:


Of course every Muslim cares a lot about waking up at (Sehri) and at breakfast (Iftar) times, thus here is the best app for Android to keep track of Sunset and sunrise timings anywhere in the world. It works with Android devices running version 1.5 and up. Allows users to search by city, country or address, displays moon phases, shows monthly calendar for sunset/sunrise.

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You can easily read or listen to Hadith and Dua, wherever you are even if you are driving or rushing to go home for Iftar. It includes different hadith and dua as well as info and supplication for special days and nights of Ramadan like 27th night (Laila to alkadar). It is designed for Android version 1.6 and up.

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Islamic Compass:

Islamic Compass

Developed by the Islam Pray Institute for Quran and Qibla, this is a simple app that provides prayer times and has a compass that points in the Qibla direction. For Ramadan, it’s available for only $0.99.

Ramadan Calendar:

Ramadan Calendar

You Will never get confused concerning Iftar or Shur time anymore, because Ramadan calendar is there to help you and give you the exact time of Iftra and Shur everyday. Ramadan Calendar requires Android 2.0 and up to function. The interface is simple and the app is easy to use.

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My Quran :


This is probably the most comprehensive app for someone really wanting to study the Quran. The premium version is $14.99, but there is a free Lite version. In general, this app is geared towards teaching and memorization, allowing users to develop customized learning plans, track their progress and build their vocabulary.



There are two versions of this app, iQuran Lite (free) and iQuran III ($6.99). Both versions allow you to read the Quran on your iPhone or iPad, share verses on social media and listen to recitations. The premium version offers the Quran in 30 different languages and allows you to choose from a variety of narrators doing to recitations. It also includes more tools to help you with memorizing and identifying discussion topics.


A free iphone app that has the option of running in the background to ensure that prayer time alarms work even when the main application is shut off.


Muslim pro:

Muslim Pro

For Android phones, this app has an Islamic calendar, qibla direction and Julian dates of Islamic holidays, in addition to the Quran Arabic ad Roman English text along with an English translation.


May this holy month of Ramadan bring you happiness, strengthen your Imaan, erase your sins and purify your heart.

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