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11:48 pm - Saturday December 20, 2014

Ramadan Special:Online Quran Recitation and translation with QuranExplorer


Ramadan 2010 is just starting and Muslims will be fasting, offering prayers and also will recite and learn Quran. One great resource for free online Quran recitations is QuranExplorer. We have covered QuranExplorer in our previous post Listen and recite Quran online with translation with Quran Explorer in detail. Greetings to all Muslims on start of Holy month of Ramadan and may this be month of blessings for all.

QuranExplorer thumb Ramadan Special:Online Quran Recitation and translation with QuranExplorer

Since then Quran explorer has new features available like new audio recitations and translations, following is the list of new features and existing features.

New Features

  • Khalil Husari audio recitation
  • Mahmood Al-Bana audio recitation
  • Sheikh Minshawai audio recitation
  • Salah Bukhatir audio recitation
  • Ashraf Ali Thanvi Urdu translation
  • Abdul Daryabadi English translation

Existing Features

  • Login Feature – User can track progress and continue from where they left off from any location.
  • Quran Verse and Translation Bug tracker with single click from portal
  • Link generator for creating custom links to suras for your website or blog
  • Browser compatibility for all fonts (IE & FireFox)
  • Print functionality allows you to easy print or copy to Word for easy reading
  • Quran Search functionality
  • Arabic audio recitation from 7 famous Qaris
  • Arabic text with translations in 7 languages
  • Audio Translations in English and Urdu
  • Sura, Verse, Juz, & Qari selection options
  • Easy Navigation and Streaming Audio
  • Easy to read font with adjustable sizes
  • Custom font developed for IndoPak script
  • Automatically Bookmarks your progress
  • Color Coded Tajweed Rules
  • No programs to download

Projects which are Work In Progress

  • Desktop Version
  • All browser and Mac compatible version
  • Printing instructions on website with new Indo-Pak (Persian) Script

Planned Projects

  • iPhone applications
  • English Commentary
  • More Recitors
  • Smart phone version

visit www.quranexplorer.com

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  • Anonymous

    This is valuable information about Islam. Quran reading is needed all time during whole year. some people focus Quran only at special occasions. like Ramadan. for more details related to Islam and Quran vivit this site http://www.quranreading.com/blog